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Alpha Tales 2044 ***** 5 star review

Copied with permission from the reviewer.


A wonderful short story collection that will take you to unimagined places, each of them different, but all tied together by the Beta-Earth saga.


The first of the stories is taken right out of the Beta-Earth Chronicles; it stars one of my favorite characters, Sasperia. She and the Supreme Head of the Munchen Collective (love these titles!) save the world. And they do it with lots of adventure and excitement. And a bit of sadness.


Next is “The Fates of Evil Men”; this story takes us back to Alpha Earth – our earth – in a sort of dystopian virus plagued era. It is also full of twists and turns, and very unlike any other dystopian sort of story I’ve ever read. An excellent story with a surprising twist in the end, but still, not my favorite of this collection.


The next group of stories fill in some history of what happened to the earth, and some of the latest generation of the Renbourn’s trials and adventures. Followed by “Murder in the Canyon,” further fleshing out the family on this latter day earth. More trials for the family, and decisions made to, again, move on. Leading to “Sasquatch.” Which, in this version of Earth’s future, really exists. This is my favorite story of the whole collection.


I recommend anyone who likes science fiction, adventure, or even some romance, to try this collection – it is well written and fun to read!






Amazon Ebook: Alpha Tales 2044 - http://bit.ly/AT2044
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