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5 ***** Review for The Blind Alien.

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The Blind Alien
By Wesley Britton
Reviewed by Marc Watson



I can not express enough how original and imaginative The Blind Alien is. The way the narrative weaves between different voices is completely flawless, and never once did I feel that it was just another story told by the same narrator. Each piece is unique and complex in it's own way, a feat that's hard to master.

Science Fiction / Fish out of Water stories have never been my strength, but after reading "The Beta Earth Chronicles" by Dr. Britton, I needed to find out more about this world. Science Fiction often gets wrapped up in its own babble and self-importance, which I never once got from this. Malcolm is a great, strong, sometimes flawed, and perfectly reasonable protagonist. He acts believably, and deals with things in a very human way once he's robbed of his sight and whisked away to another world. He's a great lead and a fantastic character to hang an entrance into this mythology around.


By Marc Watson