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Two Free Movies on YouTube!


Sequart Organization and Respect Films are proud to announce that their feature-length documentaries Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts are now available to watch for free on Sequart's YouTube channel!



Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods was produced in close collaboration with Morrison and features extensive interviews with him, as well as never-before-seen photos and documents spanning his childhood to the present day. Complimenting Morrison’s own words are interviews with his closest collaborators and friends. The film makes extensive use of found and abstract footage to make the documentary feel like a Morrison comic.


Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts features the most extensive interview ever given by Ellis. His acerbic wit and core belief in humanity come across like never before, revealing the unique point of view that has made him such a pivotal and influential figure to his massive audience of artists, journalists, scientists, and fans.


If you enjoy these films, you can also purchase a download, including extra footage, on our website's store. And of course, we have plenty of Grant Morrison- and Warren Ellis-related books for you to enjoy, including:

  • Grant Morrison: The Early Years

  • Our Sentence is Up: Seeing Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles
  • Curing the Postmodern Blues: Reading Grant Morrison and Chris Weston’s The Filth in the 21st Century

  • The Anatomy of Zur-en-Arrh: Understanding Grant Morrison’s Batman
  • Shot in the Face: A Savage Journey to the Heart of Transmetropolitan
  • Keeping the World Strange: A Planetary Guide
  • Voyage in Noise: Warren Ellis and the Demise of Western Civilization
  • Warren Ellis: The Captured Ghosts Interviews, featuring the complete transcript of over 10 hours of interviews with the man himself




Grant Morrison: The Early Years, by Timothy Callahan, was the first book ever published on Morrison's work.


Our Sentence is Up: Seeing Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, by Patrick Meaney, examines Morrison's classic series in an easily accessible fashion.


Warren Ellis: The Captured Ghosts Interviews contains the full transcript of over 10 hours of Ellis interviews, ranging in subject across his entire career.




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